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Companionship Care

Companionship Service

Perhaps your loved one is lonely and has few people to turn to for companionship. Maybe failing eyesight or memory issues prevent your loved one from participating in the same hobbies and entertainment options that he or she used to enjoy.


Our Care With Love staff enjoys being around aging adults. We will interact with your loved ones on a professional but warm level and will even make sure your parent stays safe each day while going on a daily walk. We can remind your loved one to take regular medications while at the same time, read to them from their favorite authors.

An older adult who has no opportunity to interact with others may become depressed or experience anxiety. Our staff understands how important it is for your loved one to socialize with someone each day.

We are happy to act as companions for your loved one.

Our proffessional and passionate caregivers will….

  • Socialize with your aging loved one to help sharpen his or her memory
  • Assist your parent in walking or sitting outdoors
  • Make sure your loved one is tucked safely into bed before leaving
  • Stay overnight to ease your family member’s anxiety about living alone
  • Assist your loved ones in writing letters, emails, or using social media